Can you beat your 'fear' of blogging? - i Did!!

I have attended numerous workshops regarding blogging and although they were good, I never really walked away with that aha moment. 

A full day workshop, Blogging for Business, was hosted at Newark Beacon in partnership with eBusiness Club and delivered by Liam Lally of Zaddle Marketing.

The day started by being presented with a larger ‘text’ book of information and already my brain was starting to scream “Get me out of here, you know I hate blogging”

• Blog – What is it?
• Hosted and non-hosted?
• Widgets?
• Templates?
• What are RSS feeds? 
• Adding text to photo’s.
• Getting ideas and using them wisely

What an Inspirational day! The content was fantastic and delivered in an easy to understand and friendly style.  My favourite bit of information was the template styles, and that was the aha moment I was wanting.  The light bulb went off and now I cannot seem to switch it off.

Blogging is easy and not as scary as I originally feared.  If I can change my feelings in one day, then so can you!

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Blogging for Business


Three years on: Building an “Innovation County”

Oxford Innovation publishes details on Nottinghamshire Centres Performance

Operated by Oxford Innovation on a 5 year contract for facilities management and business support; the centres at Worksop, Mansfield and Newark are all owned by different partners but operated as an integrated network.

This report covers the 3rd year of the contract, after a period of significant investment during one of the most challenging economic climates of modern times. We are delighted to be able to say that we are now starting to see a tangible return on the vision and ambition of the partners for Nottinghamshire to be recognised as an “Innovation County”. In the last twelve month period there have been notable advancements in:

  • Local economic growth
  • New business start-ups
  • Employment
  • Occupancy levels in the centres

During the same period innumerable jobs have been safeguarded both inside the centres and through the wider supply chain. In addition to this over 120 companies have benefitted from Oxford Innovation’s dedicated one to one business support programme since the start of the contract – supporting opportunities for individual growth.

We have achieved a great start to realising the potential in Nottinghamshire and will seek to build on this with partners, Oxford Innovation and other stakeholders to ensure that innovation in Nottinghamshire delivers its full contribution to economic growth in the county.

For more details download a copy our report here