Street naming and numbering

Street names and numbers are important to ensure post is delivered efficiently. They also ensure the emergency services and the public can find where they need to be.

It’s important to register your property through the street naming and numbering process so it appears on our address database. You may have difficulties obtaining mail, goods and services such as applying for a credit cards or obtaining goods by mail order, when address information is not maintained.

We want to ensure that every property in Newark and Sherwood has a unique, clear and consistent address. You can check if your address is registered by searching the national address database created by local authorities and presented in partnership with Ordnance Survey.

When to apply

You should contact us if you:

  • want to add a name or rename your existing property
  • are undertaking conversion of residential, commercial or industrial premises, which will result in the creation of new properties or premises or renaming of old properties
  • are planning to build a single property or small development
  • are a developer planning a new housing or commercial development

Further guidance is provided in our Street Naming and Numbering Guidance 2021 (PDF File, 973kb) document.

How to apply

To rename or add a name to your existing property, use our online form.

Apply to name a new property, add a name to your address or change your property name.

For all other enquiries, including new developments, email


If you’re creating a new street name, amending your address, requesting a change to an approved street naming scheme or require written confirmation of a postal address, fees will apply. Please see our Street Naming and Numbering Charges (PDF File, 856kb) for further details.  You can also make your payment using our online service.

New developments

If a development results in the creation of new properties, utility companies will not install services without an official postal address, including postcode. 

For new street naming we encourage developers, in liaison with local parish or town councils, to submit names for consideration.

We’ll contact the developer once we receive notification that building work has commenced on site.  It should be made clear in any marketing literature distributed to prospective purchasers that marketing names for developments are subject to approval and therefore liable to change. 

Where large-scale developments have taken place we have usually adopted a particular theme when deciding on the names to be used. We also encourage the use of names that reflect the historical use of sites and will usually provide a number of suggestions to be considered at an early stage.

Recently approved street naming and numbering schemes for new developments.

Renaming or renumbering of an existing street

There are occasions where existing street naming and numbering is found to be unsatisfactory. All such cases will be thoroughly investigated before deciding on a course of action. If it is decided that renaming or renumbering is necessary, we will act in an advisory role only.

Recently renamed or renumbered streets.

Renaming your property

If your address includes a number, the number must be retained as this can cause complications for deliveries as well as for the emergency services.

You should not choose a name that is:

  • offensive
  • aesthetically unsuitable
  • the same or similar to one that is currently used within close proximity to the property. Duplication can cause issues regarding postal deliveries and callers. 

You must provide two suggestions for consideration. If the suggestions are not acceptable we will decline the proposal and ask for further suggestions.

Confirmation of change

We recommend that the letter you receive from us confirming the change to your address is retained with the deeds to your property for future reference.


We are not responsible for assigning postcodes to addresses. Any queries about postcodes are dealt with by The Royal Mail via its website.

Street name plates

If there’s a problem with a street name plate, for example, if it has become vandalised or unsafe, please report the damage to us using our online form and a member of our Corporate Property team will take a look. 

Who maintains my street?

To find out who is responsible for maintaining your street, visit