Making of the amended core strategy

This page details the stages that led up to the adoption of the amended core strategy DPD on 7 March 2019.

Inspector's Report on the examination of the Amended Core Strategy DPD (25 Feb 2019)

Following the examination hearings of the Newark and Sherwood Amended Core Strategy DPD, held on 1 and 2 February 2018, the Planning Inspector Mr Paul Griffiths BSc (Hons) BArch IHBC issued his report on the examination of the amended core strategy (PDF File, 507kb) on 25 February 2019.

The report concluded that the Newark and Sherwood Amended Core Strategy DPD provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the district, subject to a number of main modifications. These included:

  • to ensure the amount of housing operates as a floor not a ceiling and to address issues around the spatial distribution of housing
  • to ensure that there is adequate provision for the ongoing needs of Gypsies and Travellers
  • to bring the plan better into line with government policy on the historic environment
  • to ensure other policy areas of the plan are justified and effective.

Amended Core Strategy - Main Modifications Consultation (8 Aug to 21 Sep 2018)

Following submission of the Newark and Sherwood Amended Core Strategy DPD, a two day examination hearing was held between 1 February and 2 February 2018. As part of the examination hearing the Inspector identified a number of main modifications to rectify issues of legal compliance and/or soundness with the amended core strategy.

The Inspector invited representations on the proposed main modifications and also took into account any comments received in relation to the supporting documents. Any representation made about the proposed main modifications needed to address the effect on the plan’s soundness or legal compliance. 

In addition to main modifications, the Council proposed a number of minor modifications/points of clarification, which were not formally part of the examination process but which were consulted upon at the same time as seeking representations on main modifications.

The consultation was confined to the main modifications and minor modifications/points of clarification. It was not an opportunity to re-state points previously made, to raise new representations or to seek further changes to the amended core strategy DPD. 

In addition to the consultation on the modifications, the Council produced an assessment of the impact of the main modifications and the minor modifications/points of clarification on the integrated impact assessment & habitat regulations screening assessment.

The Council also produced an appropriate assessment following a European Court ruling on the practice relating to habitat regulations assessments, which meant that any plan or programme which has taken into account mitigation in the screening of impacts cannot be regarded as having met the requirements of the Habitat Regulations. Therefore the District Council reviewed its habitat regulations screening assessment and produced an appropriate assessment (AA). The AA concluded that the amended core strategy “is not expected to result in any likely significant effects and therefore satisfies the habitat regulations.”

Main modifications (including minor modifications/points of clarification)

The modifications, integrated impact assessments, habitats review of the final modifications, appropriate assessment and supporting documents are available to view on our website.

Proposed Modifications (PDF File, 4,973kb)

Representation Guidance Notes ACS Modifications (PDF File, 312kb)

June 2018 IIA and Habitats Regulations Review of the Final Modifications (PDF File, 761kb)

Appropriate Assessment (PDF File, 1,573kb)



Mr Paul Griffiths BSC (Hons) BArch IHBC, from the Planning Inspectorate, was formally appointed as the Inspector for the examination of the amended core strategy DPD. His role was to determine whether the amended core strategy was sound and complied with all legal requirements. The criteria for soundness were whether the policies are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.


As part of the examination, the Inspector called a series of public hearings. These commenced on 1 February 2018 and ran for two days.  

Copies of the hearing statements and Inspector's questions can be found on our hearing statements webpage.

Examination library

The core strategy examination library contains documents submitted with the amended core strategy and background documents that informed its production. It also lists documents related to the examination.

Examination timeline

All documents can be viewed in the core strategy examination library or on the hearing statements webpage of our website.

8 August 2018 - Main modifications and minor amendments/points of clarification

18 May 2018 - The Council response to the Inspector's post-hearings note to the Council (NSH/07).

11 May 2018 - The Inspector sent a further post-hearings note to the Council (INS/09).

08 May 2018 - The Inspector sent a further post-hearings note to the Council (INS/08).

30 April 2018 - The Inspector accepted an additional document from the Council (NSH/06).

19 April 2018 - The Inspector accepted an additional document and covering email from Dr Murdoch (OTH/06 and OTH/06.1).

16 April 2018 - As invited by the Inspector, the Council produced a response to Dr Murdoch's submission (NSH/04).

09 April 2018 - In response to the Council's post hearing statement, the Inspector received a final response from Dr Murdoch (OTH/05).

15 March 2018 - The Inspector sent an email via the programme officer to Dr Murdoch regarding Matter 14 (INS/07).

02 March 2018 - In response to a request from the Inspector, the Council produced a post-hearings statement on Matter 14 (NSH/03).

15 February 2018 - The Inspector replied to a query from Dr Murdoch (INS/06). 

13 February 2018 - The Inspector sent a second post-hearing note to the Council (INS/05). 

12 February 2018 - The Inspector sent a post-hearing note to the Council (INS/04).

24 January 2018 – Statements received in response to the Inspector’s hearings agendas (incorporating matters and issues).

08 December 2017 - The Inspector published his hearings agendas (incorporating matters and issues) and a guidance note for participants.

04 December 2017 - The Council added self-assessments for both legal compliance (CS/18) and soundness (CS/19). The latest annual monitoring report, for 2016-2017, was also made available. (NSH/02).

21 November 2017 - The Inspector sent an initial query to the Council on 3 November 2017 and the Council issued a response.

Publication Core Strategy

The Publication Amended Core Strategy was published for a period of representation between 17 July and 1 September 2017. People who felt that the Amended Core Strategy was not 'sound' under the terms of the planning regulations could make a representation on the matter to the Council. The Publication Amended Core Strategy and the representations received are available to view on the amended core strategy examination library webpage.

Preferred Approach and Issues Paper stages

The first stages of the production of the Amended Core Strategy were undertaken as part of a wider plan review process. Details of the Preferred Approach consultations and the Issues Paper can be found on the plan review webpage.