Light pollution

Light pollution is unwanted light from a wide variety of sources including street lights, security lights and neon signs that may increase levels of background ambient light. 

We investigate complaints of artificial light which may be causing a nuisance. We may take action if artificial light is excessive and affects your use and enjoyment of your property. 

There are exceptions, where the legislation does not apply, for some types of premises that require high levels of light for safety or security reasons.

How much light is a nuisance?

There are no set levels of light above which a nuisance is, or may be caused, it will depend upon, amongst other things: 

•   how often the light happens and for how long

•   the impact on the local area

•   the reason why the lighting is on

Resolving light pollution issues

If you’re experiencing a problem from a neighbour, we recommend that you try to resolve the problem by speaking to them directly. Consider approaching them to explain politely that you are being troubled. There may be a simple solution that will resolve the problem. You could request them to re-angle or partially shield the lighting, fit a passive infra-red bulb or use a lower power bulb. It may help if you can show your neighbour the effect of the light from your property. 

If this approach has little or no effect, and you are still bothered by the light, please contact us.