Latest on Kerbside Glass Collection

Posted on: Saturday, October 22, 2022

At last week’s meeting of the Policy, Performance and Improvement Committee (PPIC), members unanimously voted to recommend that Cabinet considers consulting with all residents on the specific details and costs of introducing a glass recycling service across Newark and Sherwood.

During the meeting, Newark and Sherwood District Council officers referred to the results of the last two resident surveys which indicated that residents rated waste and recycling as the most important service delivered by the District Council.  More than 100 comments were made by residents in relation to this service and a number of those related to a kerbside glass collection service.

The current contract between Nottinghamshire County Council, who dispose of our district’s waste, and Veolia has no option available to introduce a kerbside glass service.  However, the District Council could set up and introduce its own kerbside glass service, using its depot on Brunel Drive as a sorting hub for the glass.  Local charity Recycle Ollerton and Boughton (ROB), which set up a successful kerbside glass collection service in Ollerton and Boughton, was praised by various Committee members who were delighted to hear that officers have been meeting with the charity; they will ensure that whatever plans the District Council progress with, both enhance and support ROB’s valuable work.

Councillor Ronnie White, Chairman of the Policy and Performance Improvement Committee, said: “Last week’s meeting was an important step to ensure that the District Council carefully considers a kerbside glass collection. The recommendation from PPIC is for Cabinet to commit to undertaking a public consultation now that the detail of what our kerbside glass service could look like is available. 

“This is a very complex issue which raised several interesting questions at PPIC but, put simply, as a District Council, it is important we listen to our residents and ask them how they wish to proceed.  We are committed in doing all we can to make the district cleaner, safer and greener but we should always strive to seek the views of all our residents and respond directly to that feedback.

“I look forward to the Cabinet decision on 1 November 2022, confirming whether it agrees with our recommendation to consult on the specific details of a kerbside glass scheme and I hope thereafter that we can look forward to having the results of that survey presented to us.”

If the District Council’s Cabinet agree with the recommendations made by the PPIC last night, then a public consultation will soon be launched. If approved, as recommended by PPIC, this will consult with residents on whether they want to progress with a kerbside glass scheme based on an eight-weekly collection in a 140-litre bin with the associated costs set out.

Further information about this can be found on the District Council website.  The District Council’s Cabinet meeting is scheduled for 1 November 2022 and can be viewed live on its website.