Essential tree maintenance at the Library Gardens, Newark

Posted on: Monday, March 21, 2022

From Tuesday 22 March, there will be no access to the Library Gardens in Newark for around 2 – 3 days due to essential tree maintenance work.  This work, being carried out by Newark and Sherwood District Council, is to protect, sustain and enhance the site for the future. Before any work will take place, District Council officers and contracted tree surgeons will undertake a dynamic visual nesting bird assessment from both ground level and within the trees to ensure there are no nesting birds.

District Council officers and contracted tree surgeon have met with representatives from ‘Protect Newark’s Green Spaces’ who are comfortable with the work taking place on site. Full details of the work has been shared with them. The work is being undertaken on six trees in and around the Library Gardens.

1 – Mature Sycamore Tree: situated outside of the Library Gardens next to the car park. This will tree will undergo a crown lift and deadwood from the tree will be removed. 

2 – Veteran Sycamore Tree: situated in the grassed area of the Library Gardens. Deadwood from the tree will be removed. 

3 - Mature Lime Tree: next to the library on the grassed area within the garden. This will be receive a pruning method called a ‘pollard.’ Branches will cut back sympathetically to previous pollard points from work undertaken previously.  

4 – Mature Acacia Tree: to the rear of the Library Gardens on an area of hard standing. This tree has decay in the main stem which is still declining and therefore has a lot of standing deadwood. Sadly, this tree will be felled for safety reasons.   

5 and 6 – Mature Lime Trees: to the rear of the Library Gardens. These trees are going to have a reduction and the deadwood will be removed.

A map of the scheduled tree maintenance at the Library Gardens